Immediately restored implants for partial-arch applications: a study of 12 cases.

Boronat A; Carrillo C; Peñarrocha MA; Peñarrocha M.
J Oral Maxillofac Surg, 2009; 67(1):195-9.


PURPOSE: To study the success of immediate loading in partial-arch applications and to evaluate the level of patient satisfaction.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: We treated 12 partially edentulous patients, placing 36 implants and rehabilitating them with screw-retained bridges on the same day. The level of satisfaction with the provisional prosthesis was evaluated on a visual analog scale.

One implant failed during the osteointegration period, yielding a success rate of 97.2%. Of the 12 provisional prostheses, 1 was removed as a result of this loss. The patients’ assessment of functional and esthetic levels was high (mean scores on visual analog scale, 7.1 and 8.3, respectively).

CONCLUSION: Immediate restoration of teeth in partial-arch applications provides an esthetic and functional solution with a high success rate.

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