Intentional replantation for the management of maxillary sinusitis.

Peñarrocha M; García B; Martí E; Palop M; Von Arx T.
International Endodontic Journal, 2007; 40:891-9.


AIM: To present a case that emphasizes the importance of the use of intentional replantation as a technique to successfully treat a periapical lesion and an odontogenic maxillary sinusitis through the alveolus at the same time.
SUMMARY: This case report presents a patient with odontogenic maxillary sinusitis secondary to periapical disease of a maxillary molar that had previously received root canal treatment. The molar was extracted, with drainage and rinsing of the maxillary sinus. The apices were resected extra-orally, the retrograde cavities prepared with ultrasound and retrograde fillings of silver amalgam placed. The tooth was then replanted. After 2 years, the patient was asymptomatic, periapical radiography showed no evidence of root resorption and computed tomography scanning demonstrated the resolution of maxillary sinusitis. Key learning points: *When root canal treatment or periapical surgery cannot be undertaken or has failed, intentional replantation may be considered. *This alternative treatment may be predictable in certain cases.

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