Vestibular bone window for the extraction of impacted lower third molars: technical note.

Peñarrocha M; Galán S; Peñarrocha MA.
Medicina Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal, 2008; 13(8):508-10.


Four patients attending for the extraction of an impacted lower third molar are reported. The aim of this paper is
was to describe a technical approach, which facilitates impacted lower third molar extraction, minimizing the ostectomy,
thus reducing secondary postoperative manifestations and avoiding possible periodontal defects on the distal
side of the second mandibular molar. To facilitate the extraction of the crown, roots or the complete molar, a small
ostectomy in the form of a window can be made in the vestibular cortical, approaching the extraction through the
resultant mesial space.

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